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Welcome to the InnovationCamp Wiki



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The LinkedIn group is here.


It's a wrap!!  InnovationCamp Austin 2008 is over (with one small exception--see below).  We had at least 109 attendees from as diverse a pool as I've seen in a while: independents, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, academics, startups, non-profits, the coworking community, the Austin startup and bootstrapping community...  This wasn't just technology and cool product ideas (although that was represented).  It was about innovation in the biggest sense--innovation as a tool to create value, to improve our lives, to improve our community, and to serve the needs of our world.  We're all pretty happy about how it turned out.


A few parting thoughts:

  • Keep the discussions alive.  We created a Google Group for InnovationCamp here.
  • If you have photos, video, etc. upload them and link to them somewhere on this wiki.
  • If you have blog entries link to them somewhere on this wiki.
  • Steal this idea.


Party afterward.  Directions and information...


Parking information...


BTW...  If you post, blog, share photos, tweet, etc. tag with:

  • iCamp
  • iCampAustin08




If you have ideas for sessions, please take a minute and put your thoughts down on the wiki.  Session ideas...


InnovationCamp is an ad hoc gathering of people who want to learn about innovation by doing rather than listening.  More...


There are very few rules.  In fact, the only rules that exist are designed to remove impediments to innovation and innovative thinking.  The rules...


If you want to get the most out of InnovationCamp, we have a few suggestions...


You should attend if:

  • You are interested in learning about the practice of innovation
  • You want hands-on experience putting the tools of innovation into practice
  • You want insight into problems that others bring to the table
  • You want help solving an interested problem of your own
  • More...


The first InnovationCamp will be in Austin, TX on Saturday, June 28, 2008 at GSD&M | idea city.  Map and address...


If you're interested, please sign up and show your support.


Feel free to edit and contribute your own ideas to this wiki.


Interested in learning more?


News and information? Check out the InnovationCamp blog.


Discussions and questions? Join us on our Google Group.


Updates? Follow us on twitter.


Want to help? Sponsor InnovationCamp or Pass the Word about InnovationCamp.





    Sponsor InnovationCamp


    • GSD&M Idea City
    • Launchpad Coworking
    • Aquifer Design
    • Belkin
    • Firecat Studio
    • Conjunctured
    • Microsoft
    • Jo's Coffee
    • Thundercloud Subs
    • Sweetleaf Tea
    • Magnolia Cafe
    • MyLabelNet.Com


    Steal this Idea


    In BarCamp tradition, InnovationCamp is yours to clone, copy, and/or steal.  Good luck!

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